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 For most of us life has been a difficult thing to understand. Sometime it appears as a beautiful garden of roses and at other it feels like being in abandoned land with no hope to look for.Our life keeps on changing, leaving trails of varying experiences for us to deal with”


This changing life keeps on influencing our thoughts ,categorizing us in to different personality traits so far discovered and god knows how many more such traits are yet to reveal based on how differently an individual deal with his life experiences in coming centuries.

Leaving all this complexities for various universities for psychology to wield with, let’s simplify things and categorize Human beings in to two classes.

First is the class of normal people, our class. We become happy when life is on our side, we cherish every moment of it, every moment seems to be magical and then suddenly inevitable happens, life follows its rule of changing the course and our long enjoyed heaven turn to hell.

There is a strange thing with most of us as a human being, we tend to forget beautiful time which life gave us pretty soon while pet our wounds forever. For us good time appears to have wings attached to it and bad time seems to be everlasting.

And in this appeared everlasting period of pain most of us forget that life will change its course again, it will have to. No winter has ever lasted forever; this is the rule of life.

We start thinking that things are never going to be right again. Thoughts are magnet for its own type .One negative thought attracting another and then another and so on. We clutter our mind with these wrong thoughts so badly that eventually when sun rises again, we are blind folded by our own thoughts rendering us incapable to feel the change. The hell which was supposed to be there for a small period of time, we with our ignorance and lack of control on our own thoughts has mentally fabricated it forever.

 “Sit quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself…..”

                                                                                                                                                                            -A  Zen saying

 Then there is another class of people. The class who understand the rule of life and in counter they have develop their own rule, the rule of keeping their mind clean from all negative thoughts  and filling it with all possible beautiful thoughts instead.

These are the people who always live in magical moment. For them pain is just a perception and on which they just don’t believe in.

  “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

                                                                                       ― Abraham Lincoln


We have created this website with a motive to bring essence of all those philosophy at one place which teaches us to live a magical life, a life which has no place for pain, a life where its change in course becomes insignificant.

We are talking about becoming a person who has the ability to overcome any kind of pain and has powers to materialize their dreams.

9 thoughts on “Upsohigh Motive


    Informative. Leading from “breaking stage” to “break through”. Thanks for the iteresting content.

  2. Pradeep Jassal

    I believe in A Zen saying “Sit quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself…..” as it usualy happen with me… :-)

  3. kprocks

    Awesome website. Thank u for good initiative. Waiting to read some more post. Thank u..

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