Purpose of Life

It was 9:15 in the morning and at that particular moment I was loathing myself for buying such an earsplitting alarm clock. A gaze at the clock surprised me with the survival instinct of my eardrums which somehow managed to fetch me 15 min of extra sleep in the blaring sound of the alarm.

Sudden reminder of day’s schedule set things on fire. Bathing was almost as short as washing hands and breakfast was sacrificed for the sake of greater good. Continuously thinking about the pile of pending tasks at work, I drove through the road deluged with people hurried and worried like me.

There he was, that Son of a gun, Mr. Singh, My Boss, standing at the entrance of the office building. I almost ignored his effort to synchronize my face with his wrist watch and rushed towards the entry desk. There is a strange thing about being late for work, you always find your boss waiting for you at the gate.

The day went hectic as usual. Meetings, calls, reports, one after another activity kept me away from myself for the whole day. Thank god, in corporate, people are still allowed to have their lunch without considering it as a waste of time. This was the only interval which I had to unplug myself from the hassle all around.

In hope to find some peace, I dumped myself at the rear end of the cafeteria. Even with my best efforts I was unable to calm myself down. Things with my professional life were not on the right track. With recession hitting the market companies were reducing employee count to bare minimum. For saving my job I had to show some scintillating performance at work. Something that could help me transcends Rohan.

Rohan is my colleague at work. I have always envied him for his outstanding performance. His natural way of doing the job has always amazed me. Scrupulous eyes of management are obviously going to cull him over me when retaining only one will become mandatory.   

A pair of staring eyes was continuously distracting me from my worry world. A man, probably in his mid forties, sitting few tables ahead, seemed to be real interested in my solitude. Spectacular smile glued to his face was an emphatic display of charismatic personality he owned. My quick ginger smile in response triggered his long awaited urge to talk.

“Hello Son, Can I join you there, I am not used to dine alone”

“Yaah sure, my pleasure” I nodded with a little sense of discomfort running back of my mind.

“Pleasure is entirely mine; your generation is always fun to be with” he replied settling himself comfortably next to me.

“People at your age seldom prefer solitude; you look worried, what is it son?” He asked straight, gazing directly in to my eyes. The direct question from an unknown, kind of shocked me.

 I hate my inability to control my expressions that flash my mental state to everyone around. Now I realized the reason for old man’s strange gaze.

There was something intense in that fatherly look which was compelling me to open up but talking about my life problems with a stranger would have been the strangest thing to do. 

“My experience with life is qualified enough to give suggestions to people of your age son. Being a stranger, your secrets are of no use to me and even if you don’t like my advice, you will feel better by speaking your worries out”  his insisting with comforting smile set my tongue on auto pilot.

I poked out everything related to my professional life so far. I told him about how hard I trained myself to get the job and since then how much effort I put everyday to get the job done. I narrated stories about my spasmodic achievements and fear of failures which dominates me very often.

“Are you happy by doing what you do son?” He interrupted.

“Yes, I guess. I receive fair paycheck every month”. I replied.

“People can earn money by doing things they don’t like, that doesn’t make them happy beings.” He countered instantly

I was about to quibble but he continued without bothering. 

 “I am talking about all those unhappy people who, instead of realizing their own purpose of life, have followed the path predefined by others as ‘road to successes’. You appear to me as one of those kinds Kid”.

 His confident tone of voice gave me feeling of belonging to some inferior and untouchable class, probably capable enough to spread epidemic with mere sneeze.

“All your discomfort, unhappiness, irritations etc are signals from your own inner self of being on the wrong track. Take example of Rohan, he consider work you do here as fun but same task appears to you as burden. Reason is obvious, for him this work is passion but for you it’s merely a payback for salary you take home; Just a way to make living. All the worries you are talking about are indication of you being deviated from your purpose of life.

As a lion cannot combat crocodile in its aquatic vicinity or vice-versa likewise nature has designed every Human being with its own purpose which put them in to different arenas. If you are not living for your own purpose of life, then you are in someone else arena, probably competing with very best of them. Imagine Bill Gates playing football or Ronaldo doing office Jobs, by doing so they might have earned their living but they would not have been what they are now. Those who discover their life’s purpose and follow it, live a magical life.

The old man has point. His words has ushered me in to a new world of possibilities, I was not sure about my purpose of life though but still was sure of it being better than what I do presently.

“But how can I ascertain my purpose of life? If this is so important for my happy existence, why I am unable to recognize it”?  I spoke out my confusion. 

 “Your purpose of life would be something where your passion is attached. Think of activities which you can go on doing for hours without being tired. When you work for your passion, the process itself will make you happy and you would bother least about its outcome. And trust me son, even then its results will surprise you each time.

 Discovering one’s passion could be trickier for many individuals but it’s never that difficult. Just sit alone in silence and think about things that make you really happy better you start writing them down. Analyze your feelings when you visualize yourself doing each of those activities. Some of it will tickle you heart. This is indication that you are getting close to what you are looking for. It is similar to tuning your radio to some specific frequency. Keep on doing it and soon you will find what you are looking for. ” He replied with real conviction.

“I am really fascinated but even if I discover my purpose of life will it be wise to quit everything I do and start working for it. I mean, I have responsibilities and cannot just let go my only source of income.” I came up with my dilemma.

“No one is asking you to quit your job exception being you are born with silver spoon in your mouth. All I am asking is to start working for your purpose as well. As you start doing what your heart really wants you to do, related thoughts will start dominating your mind. This is because you will feel happy thinking about it. Mind has great filtering capacity. With thoughts directed in one direction your mind starts filtering out all linked opportunities available around. Thoughts will start manifesting in to ideas guiding your way ahead. With intentions to make living out of it, I am sure your mind will help you figure out some ways to do so. Be patient and Just follow your instincts, slowly and gradually it will become your second source of income.”  He replied.

Words out of his mouth were replicating the rhythm of gigantic sea waves hitting the seashore. Each word supplanted by pleasing silence filled with hope and wait for another.

“What next then? “ I asked curiously.

“Then you are on Son, you develop a source of income that can set you free from regular job you don’t like doing. Most importantly you enjoy this new way of earning money. There after decision will be all yours to take. I have shown you the right path. How to walk on that path is all up to you.

After all, life is all about journey remember.”  

“Just remember few things, always believe in yourself, be patient and never hesitate in talking reasonable risks. Some dreams take time to payoff but if you keep on perusing it passionately, it is going to payoff real big.”He gave a piece of paper to me and stood up to leave.

“Good Luck Son”. Greeting with a saintly smile he hurried towards the exit to leave.

Lost in wondering thoughts, I unfolded the paper


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.

So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover.”

                                                                                                                        -Mark Twain


“Few years down the line, I would love to use your name in my examples Kid’ the old man almost shouted from the exit. We both laughed aloud. With his hand waving goodbye he vanished in the crowd hurried and worried like……..

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  1. Rajni

    Its really very practical .

    Main lines which i liked most is:

    nature has designed every Human being with its own purpose which put them in to different arenas. If you are not living for your own purpose of life, then you are in someone else arena,

    Its very true.

    Really a good one waiting for this kind of new story from…….


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