The Burden Of Time

                I had been working on that presentation for hours.I was supposed to be out there somewhere on The Burden of timethe beach enjoying my weekend but I was chained to my laptop instead.

Deadlines really suck.

 I often wonder whether god was also under the influence of deadlines while he was creating this world. I am sure he was. We all can see the mistakes he has made.

The worst of it was designing  an over smart species called Humans. As soon as our asses landed on this earth we made a fascinating invention called ‘TIME’. Then there were stone ages, BCs, ADs etc. etc. Everything was still under control until Mr. Benjamin Franklin, one fine day, came up with a million dollar concept of ‘Time is money’. And everyone knows what happens when we say the word  ‘money’  in front of any Human, our extra large tongue starts hanging out of our mouth in greed.

Great thinkers kept on developing this concept to maximize the profit until they came up with an idea of ‘Deadlines’.

 Yeah, you got it right. The sequence of mistakes that led to the development of ‘Deadline concept’ was initiated by God.  And there is no point arguing with the almighty because he is never interested in talking about his mistakes. No one does that.

My frustration was driving me nuts in order to take a break I walked out into my balcony. The view of the street was awesome. Hundreds of vehicles were lined up in every direction. Blaring sounds of horns were being generated from everywhere. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry. Poor victims of deadline.

Indifferent to all this chaos, a dog couple were busy making love on the foot walk. They probably found the sound of horns quite arousing. The pleasure of this kind of street romance can only be witnessed in developing countries. In developed countries dogs are either trained to keep personal things personal or are locked away from the human civilization. I felt envy of that dog; at least some creatures in some countries can make love without bothering about deadlines. I remembered what happened last night when I went to my girl with an application of love making.

 “Why the fuck in the world, we need to fuck every night? Don’t you remember we have to go to the fucking office tomorrow? “My desires probably pissed her off.

“We can do it quick” I made another feeble attempt. We are Men and that one thing in our pants doesn’t let us give up that easily.

But sadly nothing worked.. “We did it yesterday, remember?” She reminded me of her benevolence.

I never understand why women consider sex as a favor to men..

 Bored of the regular chaotic view of the street I turned my eyes up towards the sky. It was twilight; the sun was right above the horizon spawning a mesmerizing view of sunset…The Sun was devouring what was left of a hot day to quench its thirst before the nightfall. Natures another masterpiece painting was on display right there. I don’t think I took a single breath for many minutes. The amazing cocktail of orange and red colors spread over the horizon has healing effects. Soon all my frustrations were long gone replaced by a feeling of utter calmness. Unlike the people in the street, the sun was not at all in hurry. No deadlines to add speed to his natural defined movement. It reminded me of a quote by Bonnie Friedman

 “An unhurried sense of time is in itself a form of wealth….”

 Every beautiful creation of nature maintains an extremely slow speed. A seed does not turn out into a gigantic tree overnight; it is in harmony with the rule of development set by the nature. On the other hand, all destructions caused by nature are quick whether its an earthquake,flood or cyclone anything. The nature has a simple rule, slow for growth and quick for destruction. We humans are also a natural being and are no exception to this ordinance. Sadly, in our hunger for growth and richness we have lost track of real happiness. We are always in rush for something and this hurried sense of time robs us of our mental peace.

Adding on to our anxiety, this sense of hurry is speeding us to an early end.

 Living in the same apartment for last two years, I don’t remember when was the last time I came out in the balcony to watch sunset. We are so busy in our lives that we don’t bother to pause and appreciate the beauty that nature is offering us with. Believe it or not it is a lot more healing than we can imagine. By doing so we come in harmony with the nature and the rule of growth and healing starts working on us too.

 It is not only the rush that time burdens us with. There are two aspects of time which are always messing up with our thought process-The grief of the past and the worries of the future. If we analyze our sources of unhappiness they are always linked to these two factors. We have actually stopped living in the present. One of John Lennon’s composed songs has a beautiful line in it..

 “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans….”

 This is the 21st century and world around has gone a hell lot faster. It is almost impossible to completely unburden ourselves from the burden of time but we can still do something to take nature on our side sometimes. Let’s disconnect ourselves from the hustle of life as often as possible. Look around for the gifts that nature has readily offered us all the time. And in these moments of disconnect, forget what happened in the past and stop planning for the future. Be in the present watching sunset or sensing the cold wind or feeling the laughter of loved ones. In these moments don’t judge, don’t grieve don’t get excited just feel the calmness of nature bringing tranquility in our heart mind and soul.

“We have to get back to the beauty of just being alive in this present moment….”

                                                                                                                                   Mary Mcdonnell





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