The Kid’s Belief

The kid has made numerous attempts to climb on that bench but so far the success was none.

He was young or can say ‘too young’. I guessed him to be 5yrs or less in age but his adherence to845274_jace the task have won attention of almost every adult present in that Park. He has been trying to climb that bench for an hour now. All external help, in between, was denied efficaciously by him. Helping hands with beautiful faces were pushed away and ugly ones were vilified with scared runs.

 To satisfy my urge of seeing the cute warrior’s face, I walked closer to him.  He was a sweet little kid in shorts and blue check shirt. His tiny and chubby appearance resembled the cutest soft toy one can ever imagine. But his actions were far away from matching his looks.  He was determined to get what he wants and ignored all physical limitation which his age was trying to put on to him. His endeavor caught attention of few eyes first but slowly and gradually Entire Park crowded around him to cheer him up in his venture.

 Dare in his actions were intensifying with each ensuing attempts. This time he walked little further to facilitate a longer run-up.

With his eyes wide open and gaze fixed at the left edge of the bench he ran in acceleration. While his tiny legs still paddling against the ground he hits the brink with both his hands pushing the surface hard enough to set his lower body float towards the bench.

I was amazed to see the guts of the 5 year old but the guts lacked skills which consequentially led his back to smash directly in to the backrest of the bench. He was definitely hurt but it appeared as if he has done the job this time.

Sadly, before his body could gain the grip on the surface, inclination slopped him down back to the ground. People rushed towards him but I stopped them.

 Don’t know why but I wanted him to stand by his own and he did stand again, tears were running out of his eyes this time but still crying was non-vocal.845272_jace

He moved away from the bench and sat on the ground facing his undefeated enemy. In his last attempt he has damaged the left side of the old bench a bit. He remained there for few minutes continuously gazing at the bench, tears still rolling down his cheeks.

Then something amazing happened, the kid stood up, wiped out his tears and lurched towards the bench again. A smile appeared on his face which got widened when he reached the right side of the bench. In his entire efforts he has been completely focused on the left portion while he ignored a tree which has rooted itself just beside the right corner. With the help of its rough stem he easily climbed the bench almost effortlessly.

Mare shift of his focus from left side of the bench to the right side, the task which seemed impossible even after tremendous effort turned out be a duck soup.

          Is it not the childish thing which we adults often do?  Most of the times we get so biased with some goals or people in our lives that we start considering it as the only way to success or happiness and even if it does not give up desired results, we don’t let it go. The reason being simple “we believe in it”.

               “With concentrated focus on our believes we lose liberty to think beyond” 


4 thoughts on “The Kid’s Belief

  1. sony

    He he he…I do it very often…Believe so much in one way of doing some particular thing that forget to look for other possibilities. This is what we term it as lateral thinking I suppose…:-)

  2. paulina Morz

    LOL….When I was still a kid my dad use to lock me up in a room as punishment for my wrong doings…And I used to cry a lot knocking the door from inside…screaming ” Dad please open the door, I wont do it again”…It never worked though…

    It was few month later that I realized I could easily escape through the window…LOL :-)

    1. Neha Tantia

      LOL Paulina! better you seal your windows before you lock your kids inside any room..This generation kids are smarter 😛

  3. adam kowanek

    I was dumped by my girl in high school..She used to be my my world…I got depressed, I believed that without her I wont be able to live life happily….I was in real pain for almost over a year..
    One day I realized that all these time I have been ignoring my best friend Ada. She has been there for me for years..she was sensible , intelligent and caring…She had feelings for me too.. Soon I started focusing on her and every day my love for her started to grow more..We are happily married since last 13 years now..

    I regret that If I would have noticed Ada bit early, I would have spared myself of one year of bad phase..

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